Kings Ransom English Mastiffs


Brindle English Mastiff

We are Mark and Cindy King, and we reside in the rolling hills of WV.   We have 3 English Mastiffs and they are all unique and special to our hearts.  Although we do occasionally have English Mastiff Puppies to sell, we are not breeders in the sense being a puppy business.  We are more intent on quality, temperament, and well being of our pets.  Our English Mastiffs are a part of our family, and their welfare and health is always of utmost importance.  Therefore, we do not breed every time our female comes into heat.  Ideally, any female we have would only produce 2 to 3 litters in her lifetime.  We actively seek to place puppies in good, safe, and loving homes.  English Mastiffs are a high maintenance dog in the sense that they need a lot of human interaction and closeness of their “family”.  They are very intelligent and show an infinite need to please.

Abbigail is our Fawn Female and our first Mastiff.  She weighs approximately 140 pounds.   She may be our “smallest” English Mastiff, but she is definitely the BOSS!  Abbi is AKC and CKC registered and has champion bloodlines.

Justus is our Apricot Male, and has never met a stranger.  He weighs approximately 190 pounds. He is a very laid back and easy going guy.  Nothing seems to upset him or get him too excited.  His gentleness is amazing both with people and other animals.  He also, is AKC and CKC registered with champion bloodlines.  He and Abbi make beautiful babies.

Mugsley is our Brindle Male and at 20 months he weighs approximately 180 pounds.  He has earned his Canine Good Citizen Award, and seems to thrive on human interaction.  He has excellent bloodlines that include 5 champion bloodlines, most notable being Greiner Hall Jedadiah.  Mugsley has AKC and CKC registration as well.

All of our puppies are always given first shots, wormed, and have their first vet visits.  Each one takes home a folder containing shot and worming records, AKC / CKC registration papers, feeding and safety tips, new owners copy of puppy contract, and much more English Mastiff information. We also always try to keep new owners updated with pictures and day to day information on their puppy until the pick up date arrives.

    We strive to share our love of the English Mastiff Breed.

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